5 Steps to a Stress Free Life

Stress is a major factor in everyone’s life, it can cause everything from minor emotional irritation to major physical maladies like chest pains or upset stomach.  Learning to handle stress better, give us peace of mind and frees up brain power so we can concentrate on the good things in life.
Here are 5 easy steps to take the stress out of any situation.

5 Steps to a Stress Free Life


Blank your Mind

Your mind is racing, analyzing every little detail of the present situation, this is how the stress begins. To stop this downward spiral you need to stop thinking and reboot. For 30 seconds or so try and think of nothing.  Imagine that your brain is an emptWhite Roomy white room, and you are the guard to keep it that way, as thoughts try to come into the box, shoo them out.  Think of only that peaceful, quiet white room.


Once your mind is blank listen to one thought at a time, start big and work small.  If for instance you are stressing over a project at work, let the main topic of the project into the room, then one by one the sub topics, and then the details.  Give each thought some attention, turn it over in your mind and then write it down.


Look at what you wrote and review it.  Look at each point again, and ask yourself, can I control this?  If you can’t control it, write it on a separate sheet of paper labeled “Out of My Control”. If you can control it, your next question is, “Does this really matter?”  If the answer is no, put it on the “Out of My Control” sheet.  If the answer is yes, consider the problems and solutions and make notes on your sheet. Once you have reviewed each thought you will have 2 separate sheets, one for the things you can control, and one for the things you can’t. Chances are the sheet that you can’t control is longer than the sheet you can.  Use the sheet with things you can control for the next step, take the other sheet and burn it. Fire

Make A Plan

Now that you have everything down on paper you can make a plan to handle whatever is stressing you out.  Your plan might include research, scheduling, or getting some type of professional help.  If you are stressing about money check out Dave Ramsey, if you are stressing about your child’s behavior, check with your insurance provider and find a therapist. Be sure to put a timeline on the plan so that you can see the resolution ahead.  This is the step that you really start feeling the stress melt away, many times we stress because we feel out of control, in this step we start getting that control back.


Now that you have a plan of action you can execute it.  Check it out each morning, and then do what you set out to do.   Don’t worry if it doesn’t go exactly how you have it written down, things in life rarely go just according to plan so don’t be afraid to sit down and rework the plan as things come up.

This simple five step process can help you in any stressful situation. In step one you get control of your brain, in step two you give each thought its due process, in step three you separate the things you can control from those you can’t, in step four you make a plan to conquer all of the things that are stressing you out and in step 5 you execute your plan.  With each step you gain control and lose stress.  Don’t let stress take over your life.

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