5 TED Talks By Inspirational Women

I love TED Talks, I want to kiss whoever came up with the idea to have all of these innovative, inspirational and amazing people give a talk, and then put it on a website. These talks give us access to some of the world’s most amazing minds. The TED Talk website has over one thousand videos, and I can’t honestly say that I have seen them all, but I have seen quite a few and I haven’t seen a bad one yet.  I have learned, been inspired or at least amazed by each talk, but this post is for the girls.  Here are 5 TED Talks given by women who are inspiring me and the world.

5 TED Talks

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Changing the Workforce For Women

Meet Dame Stephanie Shirley, a pioneer in the IT world and for women in the workforce.  Mrs. Shirley started a computer software company in 1963 that is now worth 3 billion dollars, oh yea and it was originally run by a bunch of women working from home.  I found Mrs. Shirley to be funny, charming, honest and she is now on my list of people I would love to meet.

In the beginning of the talk, she mentions that she wrote a memoir, I loved this talk so much I hopped right over to Amazon and grabbed it, and it is amazing.  The writing is so good it feels like Mrs. Shirley is sitting with you telling stories over a cup of tea.


Standing Up to the Taliban to Teach

I have had some great teachers in my life, but I am not sure any of them would have stood up to several armed Taliban men in order to provide me with the privilege of learning.  Sakena Yacoobi did just that, and on more than one occasion, just so girls in Afghanistan could go to school.

I really liked this talk not only because I found Mrs. Yacoobi to be incredibly inspiring, but because it put a real face on a war that most of us know nothing about.  We remember 9-11, we hear about the evil’s of Muslim countries, but we often forget that those people are only a tiny fraction of the people and culture in these countries.  Mrs. Yacoobi shows that there is love in these countries, and she is going to use it to change the world.

Learning to Find Love in Evil

Gill Hicks got on the tube in London in 2005, at the same time a suicide bomber did.  She now has 2 prosthetic legs.  Her story is one of survival but it is also one of humanity and compassion.  Gill did not let her situation throw her into a pit of anger and despair, instead, she found humanity, compassion, and love.


So What, Now What

Linda Cliatt-Wayman is a principal in a poverty stricken area of North Philadelphia.  Violence is an everyday occurrence in the neighborhood of her school, but her motto “So what, now what” has helped her make her school a real place of learning.

I found Mrs. Cliatt-Wayman to be inspirational and so passionate about the work she does.  Her love for her students is evident and this is just another example of what teaching through love can do to a community. Tear worthy joy in this one.


Texting to Make A Difference

Nancy Lublin is what I imagine Dame Shirley was like when she was younger.  Mrs. Lublin is changing the lives of young people all over the country with her text crisis hotline.  She is passionate and excited about the possibilities not only of helping people with their current crisis, but using the data created by all of these text messages to help us better understand how to help people.

This non-profit is doing really amazing work and Nancy Lublin is a jubilant leader for the help of young people.  I really enjoyed watching this talk, it made me smile and gave me hope for the future.  I think Mrs. Lublin will do great things in her life.


What are your favorite TED Talks?

TED Talks are amazing, and I love them for their inspiration, their educational value and I love that we get to see what all of the new innovations are all around the world. I feel privileged to hear these 5 women speak. They inspire me to be better each day and to use Love to do it.   I will leave you with a Bible verse and a plea to share your favorite TED Talks in the comments.

1 Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.


  1. Jess

    September 14, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    I love Ted talks! They are so motivating and inspiring. Thanks for sharing Michelle!

    1. Michele Cook

      September 14, 2016 at 4:34 pm

      No problem Jess!
      There are so many topics on TED it is amazing. The science geek in me loves those talks as well!

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