The Importance of Quiet Time

This past weekend I had an experience that made me realize the importance of quiet time in our lives. I had forgotten how much energy and calm can come from simply being alone with my thoughts.  Energy and peace abound when you get a little bit of time alone.

The Importance of Quiet Time

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My Quiet Weekend

It was supposed to be my husband and I.  Camping, fishing and snuggling all weekend in our little tent. One final hurrah before I go back to work now that my shoulder has healed. Then, life got in the way.  A few people in my husband’s department quit, and that meant everyone else had to pick up the slack.  No camping weekend for him.

I love going to this lake, the views are just incredible, the campsites are clean and the people are respectful.  “Do you mind if I go by myself?”  I asked my husband.  He gave his blessing and promised to come out and spend some time with me on Saturday.  So I packed the tent and sleeping bags, downloaded a few books, grabbed the dog and we were off.

I kept my fingers crossed all the way there that one of my two favorite spots would be available on a Friday night in the summer.  Other campsites were nice, but these two were 10 feet from the lake.  They are shaded and breezy, and I can sit in my chair and read my Kindle while I keep an eye on the fishing poles.  I pulled in and checked the board for any new announcements, took a deep breath and rolled down the dirt road to the campground.  I held my breath as I came around the corner.  Empty.  All of them.  Not one other person in the campground.

Alone, but Not Alone

I had downloaded two books onto my Kindle before we left, a fiction book and a book called The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer.  I read the fiction book first and was disappointed.  The Pursuit of God started off slow but quickly got better.  There are only ten chapters with beautiful prayers at the end of each chapter.  Each chapter found a way to remind me our God is an ever present living God.  He is here with us, we can talk to him, and feel his presence.

I am sure God was lakeside with me. I was alone in the woods with no cell service and no humans around for miles, but I was not scared.  I had my dog.  I was confident if the coyotes we could hear yipping in the night showed up he would do his best to protect me, but I also had God.  That knowledge was twenty times more powerful than my protective pup.

God could keep the coyotes at bay.  He could keep the bears from rummaging through my campsite. Most importantly he filled me with a sense of peace that I am way too often deaf to.  I had been hearing my cell phone, my husband, the television and life in general.  I listened to all of the things of this earth and was missing listening to God.

Lake Moomaw camping
The view from my campsite

The Importance of Quiet

God reminded me that we all need quiet time for prayer and reflection.  In a world full of distractions and obligations, we still need to take some time and listen to God.  We need this time away from our family and obligations.

Often times we don’t realize this until we have run ourselves into the ground trying to serve the needs of the people around us.  Quiet time, even a small amount of it, gives us a chance to recharge ourselves so we can continue to serve those needs without going batty.

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How to Find Quiet Time In a World full of Distractions.

I don’t expect anyone to run out to the forest and pitch a tent.  I truly believe this opportunity was a gift from God.  It was a chance to realize how much we need to take some time to meditate, pray and think without a million interruptions. It was as if He was saying, you are going back to work and I am going to bless your business, so take this time to recharge, cause we are gonna get busy!

If you are a Mom with small kids, finding this time is going to take some help.

  • Ask for help. Ask a friend, a parent, a spouse or a sitter to keep the children for an hour or so a week so you can have some time to find your spiritual balance.
  • Leave the house.  When you are in your house you are constantly reminded of the things that need to get done.  This is not the time to worry about them, so for an hour, practice out of site out of mind.
  • Turn off your phone.  I am going to assume that most of you don’t live as remotely as I do, so if you go some place that your phone still has signal, turn it off.
  • Have a plan. Have some sort of idea what you want to think about or work on.  Maybe it is something spiritual, maybe you would like to just clear your mind and meditate.

Make this part of your self-care plan.  You can not continue to serve others if you don’t take care of yourself.

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Quiet time will bring the world around you to life.  Suddenly you start noticing the little things.  You hear the birds singing. You see the water clearer and you feel the stress leave your body.  Take a little quiet time to take care of yourself.





  1. Larissa

    September 2, 2016 at 4:42 pm

    I love this. I am a mom of three young ones, and I DEFINITELY have to be intentional about having my quiet time.

    1. Michele Cook

      September 2, 2016 at 7:29 pm

      Thanks Larissa! I think moms have the hardest time with finding quiet time. I hope this gives you a few ideas to find a few quiet moments in your day.

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