9 Simple Habits to Boost Your Happiness

If you think a “habit” is something worn by the nun that wrapped your knuckles with her ruler, this post is for you.  Habits are often thought of in the negative light.  The song “Your a Hard Habit to Break” comes to mind, but habits don’t have to be bad. Some habits are good, some productive and some can even make you happier. Adopting these 9 habits will boost your happiness.



If you participated in the Happiness Challenge you know smiling can make a big difference in your daily life.  There are even studies to prove it!  This article from Scientific American details many of those studies, and this article from Psychology Today calls a smile your most powerful tool!  There is no question about it, making smiling a habit will greatly boost your happiness.

Make Your Bed in the Morning

If you read this and think I am nuts, try it for one week, and I would bet a fair sum of money, it will boost your happiness.  Now I am not talking about hospital corners and 17 throw pillows.  All I am talking about is a neat clean space.

Making your bed in the morning isn’t some earth shattering thing but it effects your happiness in three different ways.  First, when you go into your bedroom instead of seeing a mess, you will see a bed that is made.  Second, when you go to get into your bed in the evening, you can flip back the covers like you are in a hotel and cuddle right down into your comforter. Lastly, making your bed first thing in the morning means you started your day off with an accomplishment.  Boom, happiness boost!

Keeping a Happiness Journal

Getting into the habit of writing in a happiness journal each evening is a super simple way of boosting your happiness.  Writing in a happiness journal each day forces you to look for the positive things to put in your journal each day.  The more brain power you use on the positive, the less you have for the negative.

Don’t know how to start a happiness journal?  Click on this post to get yourself set up and journaling away.

Spend Time Outside

Nature is good for your soul.  It is also good for your happiness.  This article from Berkeley university shows nature not only is good for your happiness, it can make you kinder and more creative!  How cool is that!  Spending a few minutes a day outside is also shown to lower blood pressure as it reduces stress.

Winter time blues bonus.  Many people suffer from seasonal depression and one of the causes is low Vitamin D levels.  Getting outside, even in the winter will increase those levels and help you fight seasonal depression.


Start Your Day With Positive Affirmations

After you make your bed, or while you are doing it, say a few positive affirmations.  Things like, “I am going to have a good day today”  or “Today will be beautiful and peaceful” will get your brain started on a positive track.

Don’t be afraid to make up your own to suit your particular situation.  You can also add a special one if you have something planned for the day you are worried about.  Something like “I am going to rock my presentation” might be good when you are pitching your new idea to the boss.

Eat a Power Snack

Ever heard the word “hangry”?  It is usually used to describe someone who is so hungry they are angry. Don’t get hangry, eat a power snack.

This effects us most between 2 pm and 4 pm when our bodies start to enter a natural lull in energy.  Eating a good power snack like fruit or a granola bar can stave off the hangry, and boost your happiness.

Phone a Friend

Relationships are the number one thing that keeps us happy in this life.  In a study by Harvard University that tracked 100 men from childhood through adulthood, the number one factor in happiness was relationships.  Not money, not fame not anything else.  Good relationships kept people happier throughout their lives.

Make it habit to call a friend and cultivate your relationships.

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Daily Kindness

Guess what, being kind to other people makes you happy.  It doesn’t even have to be something big.  A little thing can make a big difference in someone’s day.

Today I stopped at McDonald’s for a burger.  I watched the young cashier ask another worker a few questions about running the register, it was obvious she was new at this.  As I approached she took a deep breath and said, “Hi how are you?”  I smiled, “Doing great how are you?”  With a nervous laugh, she said “doing good”.  I ordered my meal and kept the smile on my face. I was patient while she searched for the right keys for my meal. When she forgot to hand me my cup I kept smiling and said “Can I have my cup, please? ” When she handed it over I thanked her.

Another person handed me my order, but before I walked out she smiled and waved  “have a great day!” As I smiled and waved back I noticed her posture was more confident and she had a smile on her face. Which in turn made me smile.

No, it wasn’t anything huge, but the interaction made us both smile.


I saved the best for last.  Exercise is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to depression and anxiety.  According to this article from the American Psychological Association, many people see positive results just 5 minutes after getting your muscles moving.  The best part is, this mood boost lasts much longer than 5 minutes, all day in some cases.

When talking about exercise as a mood booster, we are not talking about power lifting or running a marathon.  15 minutes on a treadmill, playing outside with your kids or taking a walk around the block will all boost your happiness.

Do You Have a Happiness Habit?

Is there something you do every day that helps keep you in a positive mood? Leave a comment to let us know how you boost your happiness!


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