How to Save $2500 a Year, and Never Miss It

Do you want to save money?  Do you think you don’t have enough money to save?  This post will show you how to put $2500 into your savings account this year, and never miss it.  This simple to follow method can be used by anyone.  No complicated formula or strange schedule to follow.

Saving Money: The Basics

To save money, all you need to do is spend less than you make, then take that money and put it away for a rainy day. Can’t get more basic than that. Yet EVERYONE has a hard time saving money.  Saying it is easy, doing it is much harder.  Doing it takes self-discipline, not a lot, but you have to have the self-discipline to say no, both to yourself and to your friends and family.

(Read my post about creating self-discipline for a little help)

The Math

Here is the big secret to saving $2500 a year.  Fifty dollars a week.  That’s it.  Save $50 a week, for 50 weeks and you will have $2500 in a year.  That means you have 2 weeks a year you can skip if you get into a tight spot.  It is really that simple.

The Simplest Way to Save

The simplest way I have found to save money is to have it direct debited from my check and put directly into my savings account.  I don’t see it, so I don’t miss it.  If your company does not offer direct deposit, you are going to need a little more self-discipline than most, but the trick is to pay yourself first.  This means, the day you get paid, take your $50 and put it in a separate savings account.

The Right Bank

Finding the right bank was essential to my savings success.  It wasn’t the savings rate or any fancy extras.  I picked the smallest bank I could find with a direct deposit option.  Basically, I was trying to save me from myself.

  • I chose a small bank with just a few branches.  This meant I could only go one of 3 places to take my money out.
  • I chose a bank I had no other accounts with.  This way I could not just tap a few keys on my phone and transfer money from savings to checking.
  • I DID NOT get a debit card for the account.  This one seems obvious, I don’t even know why they offer a debit card is for a savings account, but if they do, just say NO!

Money Saving Ideas

There are about a million ideas out there to save money but here are some simple things you can do to save a little money to help you forget that $50.

  • Cut one thing out. Cutting out a ton of things is unrealistic, but cutting out just one thing is very doable. Think of one thing you can cut out of your routine and then do it. Cut out your daily coffee stop, your scratch off habit or your daily soda and candy stop.
  • Carpool or share a ride.  If you live close enough to someone this can really be a big money saver for both drivers.  Trade off who drives and save yourself a little money.
  • Cut out monthly memberships.  Unless you really use the membership, can it.  If you have spotify, a gym membership or any other monthly membership you don’t use on a consistent basis, cancel it.
  • Plan your meals.  Julie from Filling the Jars got me started on this and I usually save more than $50 a week just by planning my meals.
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You CAN Be a Saver

Saving money isn’t rocket science.  Spend less than you make, take the extra and sock it away.  Your job is to learn to say no to yourself, your kids, your friends and your family.  If you can do that, suddenly you will be the big saver in your family, and after a few years, you will have a little extra cash to spoil all those people you love.


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