Gift Ideas for the Hard to Buy For

I love to give gifts.  It is such a happiness boost when you are able to give someone something that makes them smile.  It’s one of the reasons we love the holiday season so much.  Giving makes us happy.  I explain the whole thing in this post about giving, and why you should do it year round.  Sometimes you really want to give a gift to someone, but you can’t figure out what to give them!  This post has some great ideas for gifts you can get anyone, anytime and put that big smile on their face and yours.

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Personalized Gifts

5amily is a great company that I only discovered recently (maybe I had my head in the sand!).  They have so many personalized gifts, t-shirts with fun sayings, your favorite sports teams, pets, I mean everything.  And they will personalize it with your giftee’s name. This will be one of my go to’s for hard to buy for people. Use the coupon code “HAPPYCUSTOMER” to get $10 off your first order.

Digital Photo Frames

This is a great gift for parents and grandparents.  A digital photo frame allows you to upload 30, 40, 50 pictures of their babies and grandbabies.  Then it scrolls through all of those pictures.  This gift was a huge hit with all the grandma’s (I did get in trouble for getting it for one grandma, without getting it for the other.) No need to pull out the photo album, just point to the picture frame and watch the images scroll through.

Fun Outings

Giving a gift does not have to be a physical item.  There are some really cool outings or experiences you can give.  These types of gifts are perfect for those people who have everything.

Go For a Plane Ride

Of all the things I have ever given my dad, this was probably his favorite.  The local airport had an opportunity to go up in a World War II fighter plane and when I saw the ad, I knew my dad would love it.  He is a plane buff and former pilot.  I swear he smiled for days after his ride.  The pilot let him have control of the plane and he came right over the house, hit the gas and shook the whole house. Hi Dad, glad you are having fun.  Check your local small airports for opportunities to send someone sky high.

Rent Their Dream Car

Is your giftee a car buff?  Think they would love to cruise around in a Lamborghini for a day?   You can rent one of these high powered exotics and spend the day exploring with your giftee.  You won’t be able to wipe the smile off of their face, or yours.


It’s the Little Things

Sometimes you just want to give something small, or maybe your finances dictate you must give something small. Either way, there are some little things you can do without breaking the bank.

Write a Note

Recently a friend of mine asked me to review her book “Abide in My Heart, a collection of beautiful old hymns with some room to journal on the opposite page. I gladly obliged. Last week when I opened my mailbox I found a lovely blue envelope and a handwritten note inside.  I was truly touched that she took the time to sit down and write out a card.  You can do the same to one of your loved ones, especially if they are far off.  It was such a kind little gift, and it really did touch my heart.

Give Coupons

I don’t mean $.50 off cat food at the grocery store.  I mean coupons for things you are willing to do for the person, to give them a bit of a break.  Things like “This coupon entitles the recipient to one 30 minute back rub”  or  “Use this coupon so you can sit in front of the TV while I do the dinner dishes”

It Really is The Thought That Counts

Giving someone a gift is so much fun! Try one of my ideas or come up with some creative ones of your own.  Either way, it is always the thought that counts and going out of your way for someone else is always going to brighten your day.


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