3 Ways Improve Your Bible Study Habits

One of my big goals this year was to really get into studying the Bible.  In the past, I have started and stopped or just really felt like I was not getting as much information as I wanted about the Bible.  So far, my plan is going great.  Still not quite as fast as I wanted, but so much better than in years past.  I have found three big things that helped me really stay on course this year and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Finding a Community

My church is my closest community, but I can never attend their Bible study regularly due to my work schedule.  So I did what everyone does, I started looking online.  I will tell you there are a ton of groups out there, but finding one that fit me was a bit tough.   I was looking for really deep, insightful leadership from the group leader and a community that would help me stay focused without tearing me down.

When I found the She Who Thirsts group I knew I had struck gold.  Led by spiritual coach Audra Coats-Hudson this group is one of the best things I have found for Bible study. Audra does Facebook live sessions explaining the day’s devotional, puts up prompts and ideas and really digs deep into the Bible.

A Faith and Life Planner

I have a confession: I am afraid to write in my Bible. I feel like I am defacing the Lord’s property.  This means as I am reading I often have questions that go unanswered.  It also means that my thoughts and feelings on a certain passage come into my brain and are gone by the time I lay down my Bible.

I tried using my daily journal to keep track of everything, but everything started to get to jumbled. Enter the Faith and Life Planner by Many Sparrows Sisterhood.  This little book is a thing of beauty.  It has room to keep track of my thoughts, the Bible verses I am studying and all of my questions. It also has a to-do list and a daily goals box.  I am loving this little gem and it is really helping me stay focused on my Bible Study.

Quiet Time

Several months ago I wrote a post about The Importance of Quiet Time.  Turns out, I needed to take a little of my own advice.  I was really trying to stuff Bible Study into my life where ever I could.  Sometimes it would be on the couch while others watched TV, other times I would try and sneak in a bit while I was sitting in the work truck.  All of these times were near worthless because I wasn’t focusing my entire energy on what I was reading.

Once I started giving myself a few minutes of quiet time to read and process the Bible, I felt closer and more connected to the Word.  Which is a pretty amazing feeling.

Keeping it Up

I am so glad to have found the She Who Thirsts group and The Faith and Life Planner.  I am hoping with their help and a little quiet time, I can really dig in deep to the Bible and get closer to God this year.  I am excited about the progress I have made so far and hope to continue for a very long time.

PS.  You won’t see my normal affiliate disclosure in this post, nor will you find any ads in the middle of this post.  I am not being paid in any way to recommend these pages or products to you.  I am so excited about my Bible study this year, I just wanted to share!

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