How to Plan A Goal Development Day

Planning a dedicated goal development day is a great way to give your goals your complete attention for just one day.  Most days you are split between work, family, and friends. Developing a good plan to achieve your goals gets pushed to the back burner.  By dedicating an entire day to nothing but developing your goals, you can get on track to get where you want to go in your life.

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Go Away From Home

Stay at a hotel or go camping.  You need to get away from your everyday distractions so you can focus on the task at hand.  If you are a parent, get a sitter.  If you are worried about the cost, check out Groupon for great rates on hotels.  You don’t need to fly off to a foreign city, you just need to get away from your everyday distractions.

Tip: To get rid of the mom guilt, book the room for two nights and have a slumber party with your kids the second night.  If you can find a hotel with an indoor pool you can have a pool party!

Do Some Prep Work

24 hours may not be enough if you don’t do a little prep work first.  Before you leave purchase any books you want to read, pick up a goal planning notebook, and write down a few goal ideas you want to research.  You can use my post How to Make a Life Plan to help you get some ideas down on paper.

Tip: My favorite goal planning book is 48 Days to Work You Love.  If you are thinking of buying a goal planning book, ask someone you admire for their favorites. 

Prepare Your Family

If you are single, this one is easy.  If however, you have a family, you might need to prep them for your day away.  Not because they will not survive without your input for a day, but because it will put your mind at ease.  You will also need to explain to them that they can not call you unless it is a dire emergency! (If you have teenagers, you might have to explain what a dire emergency really is.)

So make sure you schedule sitters, dog walkers, and fish feeders. Do your grocery shopping, assign your chores and put up an autoresponder on your email.  Anything you need to do to make you worry less about being away for a day.

Tip:  There is a complete prep your family checklist in the Goal Development Day Workbook

Eat Healthy and Frequently

Studies like this one from Harvard University prove that what you eat can effect how well your brain works.  Fruits, veggies, and foods low in saturated fat can help you concentrate on the task at hand.  So stay away from the steaks and go for some Sushi instead.

Studies also show eating 5 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones will keep your blood sugar steady.  Keeping your blood sugar steady throughout the day will keep your energy up so you can figure out how you are going to crush your goals.

Tip: Most hotels will provide you with a refrigerator if your room doesn’t already have one.  Stock up on healthy snacks so you aren’t tempted to hit the candy machine. 

Stick to a Schedule

Make a schedule for your goal development day and stick to it.  This is your one chance to dedicate all of your effort to nothing but making a serious goal plan, without a schedule, you will find it hard to know what you are supposed to do next.  Treat this like a one person seminar.  Plan your arrival time, schedule your meals, schedule breaks and free time along with your plans to developing your goals.

For the goal development time, include things like brainstorming, reading, meditation, research, writing down your goals, and scheduling the steps to reach your goals.

Tip: Put your schedule into a calendar on your phone so an alarm will sound when you should be moving onto your next thing.

Goal Development Day Workbook

To help you have the most successful goal development day you possibly can I have created a workbook to help you out.  Inside you will find checklists for prepping you and your family, sample schedules and a blank schedule for you, journal prompts to help you discover your goals,  tips on developing SMART goals and a goal planning worksheet.


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  1. joleisa

    March 16, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    I really do love this post! You make the steps so clear and easy. We really need to just get away and do it! Having a time set aside to plan aspects of your life and development is so important, and we should treat it that way. I’m grateful for your help.

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