Choosing Happiness

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Happiness wall to wall, is it really possible?

When I was a teenager, I was introduced to several books and I read often. One of the ones I really enjoyed and which changed my outlook on life was called Happiness Wall to Wall by George Vandeman. Since then, I have determined that I WILL CHOOSE HAPPINESS IN LIFE.

You might be thinking that everyone chooses to be happy. I beg to disagree. Don’t you know some people who are antagonistic? Some always seem angry, grumpy, and negative and like…upset with the world.

Well, I have always said I will be a happy person, with a positive outlook on life. It doesn’t mean that I will always be smiling or laughing. No, even when sad times come, I choose not to dwell too long on it. I choose joy and happiness.

I have had some really sad things happen to me, but because I have chosen my outlook on life, I know exactly what to do: Deal with the sad events and move on. I know that life will always present itself with obstacles but you can choose to see them as stepping stones, or stumbling blocks.

I challenge you to just sit for a few minutes and think about all that you have, all that you are, all that you can be, which will make you happy.

Your happiness doesn’t have to depend on where you are, your sex, your age or any such thing. In fact, I think that one of the biggest things keeps me happy is having a grateful attitude. I wrote this rather personal post about being happy by creating a reverse bucket list.  

Ever heard about that attitude of gratitude? Count your blessings? Surely you do have a lot that you can remember and when you do remember your past episodes of happiness or your blessings already experienced you will again, begin to feel happy.

How I Stay Happy

So how do I make sure I am happy? I do several things such as, participating in activities that I enjoy, such as reading, craft, blogging, watching comedy, and being with friends and family. I also enjoy my own company at times, so that I am free to be and to do, as well as to plan for my continued happiness.

As a teacher, I am also happy when I see students working hard and doing well. I experience happiness too when other people excel at what they are doing. I’ve been known to cry happy tears when I see people share even ‘prank it forward’ videos of regular human beings doing good deeds for others. These do make me happy. Sometimes I can’t put my feeling into words but I know the feeling of happiness I feel, for example when someone is healed, when long-lost friends and family members are reunited, and when someone is pulled alive from the rubble of what was a terrible disaster.

I know that there are a myriad of things that make different people happy. I now share some of these with you in the hope that you will see that wherever, and whoever you are, sometimes it’s the simple things that bring happiness.

What Makes You Happy?


Veronica: Because I have Jesus within me. That makes me happy. And because I can see my kids and play with them that makes me really happy.


Liz: A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be.

Dane: what keeps me happy is the idea that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord so even when there are sad times, they can work in our favor.


Marie: Seeing people happy makes me happy. Living my life for Christ and being an example for my children makes me happy too

Jay Tee: “What makes me feel happy is being around the people I love. With my children, I’m happiest when I’m in the moment. I look at their cherubic cheeks, listen to their chipmunk voices. I pick them up and appreciate their compactness. They won’t always be this small, but I get to enjoy them when they are now.”


Erica: My 17-year old son is in that phase where he wants to act like a man and so he tries to be independent and pretends as if he doesn’t need me.  So the occasions when he lets his inner emotions show (for example, when he is having a nose bleed or when he lovingly says “thank you”), are some of my happiest moments.Jackie: Knowing I have the basics in life and having God. knowing my family is ok and well,  having jobs, health and sharing with others also make me happy.

Diona: Happiness is my toddler singing to me or my husband putting his head on my shoulder. Knowing my family feels safe and loved gives me happiness too.


Sarah: I feel happy after I go for a run.  I run in the morning so I can reap the benefits all day 🙂

Debbie Ann Ellis: What makes me feel happy is feeling loved. Whether it be from friends, family or partner.

Jassett Richards: Happiness feels like the warmth of the sun on a chilly day and like a super tight hug from a chubby baby.

Juliet: several things make me happy, these include cuddling, decorating for Christmas, baking cookies and bright sunshine on a cold winter day


Cecelia: seeing my mum in the audience rooting for me while I perform and also knowing that whatever happens, I can also go to God

Yvonne: I feel happy when my friends and family are happy. If I cook something, tell a joke, do a kind deed (for example my friend had just had a baby and was home really ill but had 3 other small children and I went round to help her and iron school uniform for the children for the week), put together an outfit or do their makeup or simply give a compliment and that brings a smile or tears to their face and that makes me happy,


Arthur Morris:I am happy when I walk down the street and I am greeted by someone.

Timberley:My family makes me happy. Just gathering around the coach or kitchen table having an organic conversation that makes us laugh, think or even cry. There is just something about starting or ending our day with each other.

And the Children’s Happiness

As for children, in their innocence, they have a list of simple things that make them happy so let’s make sure to do our part to keep them happy.

Taylor: having toys to play with and friends to play with, keep me happy

Jasmine: My teacher makes me happy as she is always funny

Kad: I am always happy when I win a race or when I play football with my friends

Jules: I love traveling to different countries

Candy: Going swimming with my dad and brother makes me happy. In fact, getting the chance to do anything with dad makes me happy

So wherever you are in life, take the view that no matter what happens you are determined in your heart that you will maintain a positive outlook. So whether the storm, tragedy, job loss, death or anything else you will face it bravely and with a happy, cheerful disposition.

As for me, I will, like many others continue to hold on to my faith in God and the reality that one day there will be no need to be anything other than happy. In fact, I am living for the eternal joy.

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