5 Fascinating TED Talks about Finding Work You Love

80% of people are unhappy with their current job. If you are in that 80% you are probably trying desperately to find work you love. TED talks run the gamut from scientific discoveries to personal life stories.  I love TED talks and have written about them before, but there are so many good ones I couldn’t resist covering a few more in this post about discovering the work you love.

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The Happy Secret to Better Work ~ Shawn Achor

Shawn Achor is the author behind “The Happiness Advantage”.  He is a positive psychologist and a pretty funny guy.  There were several times I literally laughed out loud during this talk, and so did a lot of the audience.  This is happiness meets science.  It is amazing what his research has shown and if you put a few of his ideas into practice, you might be surprised at the outcome.


Find Your Dream Job Without Ever Looking at Your Resume ~ Laura Berman Fortang

We are always thinking all employers care about is what we have done, not what we can learn to do. This talk challenges that idea. It challenges it both from the employee prospective and the employer prospective.  If you are looking at your resume and it is making you even more unhappy, try this talk to see your prospects in a whole new light.


The Secret of People who Love Their Jobs ~ Shane Lopez

This talk had so much good, actionable, advice I had to include it on my list.  This is for anyone who works.  This is real life advice not flowery supposition. In the real world people have to go to work to put food on the table.  This TED talk teaches you how to find work you love.  Right in your backyard.


How to Know Your Life’s Purpose in 5 Minutes ~ Adam Leipzig

With a title that threatens to answer a life long question in 5 minutes, I was a bit skeptical.  But like my old horse trainer telling me to use the KISS method (Keep It Simple Silly) for my horse problems, simple really is better.  I think you will be shocked.  You might even have a smack your forehead moment when you listen to this talk and answer the questions.


Mike Rowe Celebrates Dirty Jobs ~ Mike Rowe

You can’t talk about work and loving to get out there and get dirty without bringing Mike Rowe into the mix.  I have a dirty job, and I don’t hate it.  Quite the contrary.  On the days I come home tired, dirty and sweaty I am ten times happier than the days we sat around a lot and didn’t get much done. Check out this TED Talk to get a very interesting (if not slightly disgusting) take on the working world.


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