5 Fun Ways to Have Fun This Fall

Do you want to have fun this fall?  Fall can be a bit of a downer for those summer loving folks of the world. People like me who love temps in the 90’s and don’t mind a bit of sweat on their brow.  The beginning of fall means colder temps, less sunlight and the beginning of the holiday season.  But it’s not all bad.  There are some great things about the fall season and some sure ways to have fun.

5 ways to have fun this fall

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Visit an Apple Orchard

Fall is apple season.  The smell of ripe apples in an orchard is one of my favorite smells.  It makes me want to bake an apple pie, apple streusel, apple muffins…I think you get the idea.  Many orchards open their doors in the fall and invite the public in for apple picking, hay rides and a delicious bite of all things apple related.

Here in Virginia, we have plenty of orchards to choose from, but there are plenty of other areas of the country that are great for growing apples.   Check out this directory of orchards to find one near you.

5 ways to have fun this summer apples

Photo by Krishnam Moosaddee on Unsplash

Check out a Few of My Favorite Apple Recipes

Apple Crisp – This recipe from Tastes Better From Scratch is delicious and simple!  No crust to worry about just delicious apple filling with an easy to make crumb topping.

Apple Fritters – I love this recipe from But Mama I’m Hungry not only because it makes delicious fritters, but because they are smaller than a lot of recipes I have found.  Yummy and perfectly bite sized.

Apple Pie – We can’t talk about recipes without mentioning apple pie.  I have a confession to make though, I use store bought crust (and no one knows the difference!) So grab your apples, and get this classic in the oven.

Have a Bonfire

Bonfires are my favorite way to have fun in the fall.  The warmth of fire is perfect for those cool fall evenings and smores are part of every bonfire I have ever had the pleasure of being part of.  Who doesn’t like smores? If you don’t have acres of land to build a bonfire on you still have a few options for enjoying this fall past time.

  • Small gas fire pits like this one make it easy to have some smores, even if you only have a small backyard.
  • Local festivals and fairs often have bonfires as part of the evening entertainment
  • Go camping! The National Forest Service has lots of camping opportunities and you can have a small campfire (and smores!)

Stay warm on a cool fall evening snuggling up to a fire, telling stories and eating smores.

We use marshmallow forks like these  to make it easy to roast the perfect marshmallow

Have a Football Party

Fall and football go hand in hand and this gives you the perfect excuse to have some friends over and watch the game.  There are tons of great party ideas out there.  You can keep things simple with this awesome crostini bar from Carolina at Abutterfulmind.com or go all out with football themed food and decorations.

If you and your crew aren’t into football, you can still throw a party, complete with great tailgating food. You just don’t have to turn on the television.

Rake Up Your Leaves and Then Jump in Them

Yes, this makes twice the work, but it also makes twice the fun.  If you are a parent you have a ready made excuse to jump in the leaves.  Someone has to show the children how to do correctly!  If not, find your inner 6-year-old and rake up a big pile of leaves and belly flop in them.

You could create a neighborhood contest, biggest pile of leaves, best belly flop, even a best family flop category.  Point is, although those leaves aren’t great for your landscaping, they can be a great tool to have fun this fall.

5 ways to have fun this fall boy playing in leaves

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Fall means beautiful gourds and pumpkins are ready for the picking.  Go out and spend the day wandering through the pumpkin patch to find that perfect Halloween pumpkin.

Of course, the fun doesn’t have to stop there.  Once you come home you can paint or carve the pumpkins to have even more fun.  If your kids are little painting might be a better choice, but if they are a little older, carving can be tons of fun.

Let your littles stick their hands into the gooey stringy insides, giggle at the proclamations of “ewwww gross” and light it up in the evening.  Grab a cup of warm cider and sit back and enjoy your handy work.

Have Fun This Fall

Fall doesn’t have to be a bad word.  There are tons of ways you and your family can still have a great time.  Apple or pumpkin picking, having a great football party or jumping in a pile of leaves are all great ways to enjoy the season.

Do you have a favorite fall activity?  Leave it in the comments! 

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